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The rain

I love rain so much! I used to hang around Pastoria in Sinnoh for days on end, just watching and battling in the rain. It wasn't all that common around Lavaridge, at least not that bad!
It started to rain during the night, but carried on for the next few days. So much that we had to cover some of the berries. Most grew well in excessive rain, but some of the rarer ones didn't like too much. We covered them up with sheeting. We also found out that paras didn't really like it either; they all huddled against the house. You had to peel some of them from the door if you wanted to get in!
I visited the nest, but since Angel seemed intent on keeping the egg dry, it was guarded at all times. They didn't mind me, but I left them to it anyway. They liked the berries, and happily devoured them in great mouthfuls. The rain battered down so harshly that my team members less accustomed to rain became restless. Amber and Venus stayed put underneath Flare's wings, while Flare himself snorted and shook the rain from his back. I was ok! I had left my cloak behind in favour of something more suitable; a rainproof kyogre print poncho! It didn't exactly flatter me, but worked all the same!
During the rain, a rather disgruntled looking pelipper arrived with a parcel from Walker, written in his deep green scrawl.

Dear Joanna,
I gather your Hallowe'en must have been good! I am writing this at around one, the celebrations are over, but enclosed are some pictures. I'd love to describe it, but I think the pictures say it all! My niece is quite a battler… well, for a five year old. She has a bidoof at the moment, that enjoys gnawing at socks… she really wants a meowth, and is desperate to meet Venus! You'll have to bring her back sometime!
We all told horror stories around a fire, remember that one we made up? About the guy who killed bug pokémon for fun and was severed into three pieces by a pair of scythers? Maybe shouldn't've told that one to a bunch of five year olds, but they seemed to enjoy it anyway!
I'll wrap this up, but please tell me how your Hallowe'en went! Make me jealous!
P.S. Your mum said that Jay stopped by.

Jay must've ran off. She was probably looking for me, or Walker. Or perhaps she was just trying to get away for a bit. I hoped her marks weren't causing her too much trouble. I wondered about writing to her, but there wasn't much point if her mum was annoyed. She'd probably burn the letter…
To take my mind off it, I looked through the photos. Walker's niece, Kim, I had met before, when she was two. Daughter of Walker's older sister… she was very clever and had left to use her skills at the battle tower… Clare! That was her name! I always forgot it, but she was ok with that. Told me to call her Cat, after her favourite type of pokémon.
Tons of pictures of people dressed in very conventional shop bought costumes. But they seemed to be having fun. The bonfire looked pretty huge! I promptly began putting the photos in the album that Walker had got for me, after seeing that I kept the photos he sent me in an overflowing shoebox. It was always nice to reminisce and go through them, right from the shaky, blurry pictures of trees that Walker had first taken, through to the ones he had poured over for ages to get the light right. He had even taken some when I battled at the arena – and won!
I fitted the best in and wrote a little bit underneath. A separate envelope had other pictures; the ones he took of Groudon. I think, the sand made it hard to see, but there was something certainly gargantuan in the pictures, towering over the tiny figure that was Sparrow on his staraptor. I fixed them in at the back, but left them without any words. If I put Groudon or something, no one would believe it!

I went to visit the elder too, but he was out. A little sign on his door said 'Gone to contemplate the world and all its wondrous…' it went on and on! He was known for his love of rain too, and would often leave to meditate in the forest.
Hopefully he wouldn't run into Angel. She had never met him, and the sight of a wild eyed elder might be enough for her to deem him a threat to her young. Whitetip wouldn't, the elder got on well with him. They certainly shared many of the same characteristics!
And here. Have some rain. Rain is fun.

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