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Heya, guys:wave: everything's put neatly into folders and not the main gallery in here, unless it's pictures. It's all ordered as well! Unlike my room... It's also more interesting to look at than my room in here as well.
So take a look, comment! we love a good comment:love:

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1/10/10 – Friday, 7:30pm

 We braved mam’s wrath to enter the pokémon centre so I could get my pokémon and release them. She more or less ignored us, apart from a few chilly glances. I didn’t go far to release them, but they all went any which way as soon as I told them they were free to go. A few of them stuck around here – Pie for one, and Sneasel, because he was from here anyway. Star and Gyar have also stuck around, as has Hoothoot. Gyarados is now in the lake with my other fish pokémon – well, some are in the harbour as well – and Star and Hoothoot fly around together. I think my Graveler has gone down to Mt. Coronet, to mess up Anna’s counting even more. Fun.

 I haven’t seen Absol since we got here, either. It’s not worrying me much, but I want to know where he is. Or maybe he’s beginning to leave me…

 Also saw Candice today. Some of the trainers had challenged her, a few had got badges and a few had joined her classes after she beat them. We sat in on a few, but didn’t contribute. We removed ourselves to the lakeside and played with fire instead. My water control still isn’t as great as the fire, but I’m hoping that means I’ll meet more legendaries… Articuno, Suicune or Kyogre. I hope. But I think it’s doubtful that I’ll ever meet Suicune now. She saw what happened at the temple in Fiore. Even my gran commented that I look older now. And I seem darker, more moody. To other people at least.

 And thankfully my sister liked her present. I’m so glad… I wasn’t sure about that one, but it’s all good. Good it got here in one piece, I was scared it would break.

BlueJay's side, part115

So, less pokemon for Jay :dummy:
 Not much else, really.

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Joanna’s side: trainersoflegends.deviantart.c…


Entertaining in Snowpoint

 Jay had the idea to spend some time away from our mothers, so we spent the night in the Snowfields. Which was alright. Jay’s grandmother was lovely, and her home was lovely as well. But the view? Eh…kinda dull. Snow is very boring to me, it’s cold and blank and dangerous. At least in Lavaridge you could occasionally see something interesting out the window. Mirember unicycling or something.

 Eventually we returned, for about three minutes. To pick up Jay’s pokemon from the centre. She, like me had accumulated many pokémon in her travels, and sometimes, if you don’t have any use for them, it’s much nicer to release them back into the wild. And I had to say, her collection was a lot more impressive than mine.

 Ok so I did have a mamoswine, but I failed to tell her how I actually obtained Barricade in the first place.

 He was a piloswine, rough looking thing that was being sold in market in Sunyshore. Walker told me he was probably going to be sold for meat, and because he was so affectionate, and cheap of course I bought him.

 He was a pretty solid battler, but more and more I turned to training my other team members. Eventually when he evolved (which took me by surprise – I had no idea Piloswine could evolve) he wasn’t suitable for my training style. He was massive as well, and was really loud.

 Thankfully he was quite happy to be released into the wild herd around the mountains.

 There was a pattern with how I acquired my pokémon. I barely caught any of them. Venus was from Gabriel and Grace’s litter, Whiteout was my starter, Beast got attached to me after being saved from a pokémon thief, Flare was ‘rescued’ from the circus and my dad gave me Whitetip after his egg was recovered from a police mission at Wayward Cave.

 Yep. I’m very lazy when it comes to getting pokémon.

 I tended just to wait until they get shoved at me. Which has worked so far. My team are well rounded with a nice defence against their weaknesses. So I was happy. Well, as happy as I could be without my dream dragon team.

 Afterwards we went back to the lake to practice with our powers. It seemed to be to the go to thing we did when we were out of ideas. And it was relaxing, and the lake was so peaceful we could train in peace without being bothered as much. And just as I had hoped, the conversation turned to my birthday quite quickly.

 “So, you can come  for my birthday right? I think I’m going to stay in Sinnoh anyway. Watch out, fireball.”

 She casually ducked and nodded. “I could probably make that, you sure you can stay in Sinnoh that long?”

 “Oh yeah, it’s quite comfy, plus there’s Walker.” I spiralled round, making a ribbon of flame dance. “The only thing is Alex, I said we’d have a big party in Lavaridge,” I sigh, letting the ribbon die, “Ach, he won’t mind.”

“So is he like, staying in Lavaridge for good then?” She smirked, sitting back against Arc.

 “Yeah… I think maybe it’s like a stray cat, he hung around for a while, and now he lives with us.” I laughed, sitting with her. “I’m glad, I mean it’s nice having someone my age to talk to, and Alex is nice.”

 “He is, very chill.” Jay nodded. “Should’ve brought him here as well, might have been able to convince my mum to be nice to you.”

 “He’s not a miracle worker.” I laughed, ducking as she threw snow at me. “Ok so you’ll come? I need more friends.”
“Sure, I’ll be a seat filler at least,” she said, closing her eyes for a moment before opening them again. “Oh… a present.”

 “Don’t worry about that, just come visit, that’ll be enough.”

 “Good.” She smiled. “Unless you want something of Snowpoint.”

 “I think I’ve had enough of Snowpoint thank you.” I laughed, standing up again, to try some more fire tricks.

 I could have stuck around for my birthday if I really wanted to, but I didn’t. I was glad we were at least building bridges between me and Jay’s mother. But honestly, if it weren’t for Jay I doubted I’d ever come here at all. It wasn’t till I met her that I came. But…expanding horizons and all that, I guess it’s good to see the world, even the frigid corners that I try to evade.

Joanna's side, part123
 Joanna still isn't too impressed with Snowpoint. I suppose crashing into a tree the first time you ever go there wouldn't help much, would it?

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26/9/10 – Sunday, 11:45pm

 We’re just past Mt. Coronet. Went a lot faster once I switched onto Arcanine, because then Absol only had Brith and the kittens to carry. I think, if we keep this up, we should be in Twinleaf in one or two days.

 That Vulpix is managing to keep up with us as well. I’d have thought that it would have fallen far behind by now. But it hasn’t, and it’s getting slightly braver. I found it almost within our circle this morning. But it took fright and ran when I moved.

 And the kittens aren’t nearly as bad as I thought. Ray seems to enjoy having them around as well – he loses his seriousness the minute they jump on him. I don’t know if I can keep them all though. Especially on the way to Snowpoint…


28/9/10 – Tuesday, 9:15pm

 Joanna’s mam takes ages to get ready! She agreed yesterday, and we only finished packing her stuff about mid-afternoon today. I did find time to phone my mam on one of the payphone thingies this morning, to run it by her. Guessed I probably should.

 So she says it’s fine for me to bring my friend up. Mostly cause I told her it wasn’t Joanna when she asked. Well, she asked if she knew my friend. I said she didn’t. It’s true – she barely knows Joanna at all.

 Also gave one of Ray’s kittens to Joanna’s mam, when she asked. I’m sure as hell not looking after them all.

 I’ve asked Walker to look after them, cause I don’t want to worry about them keeping up all the way to Snowpoint.

 So we leave tomorrow, I think. We’re planning to ride along the side of Mt. Coronet, stop in Celestic for the night and then onto Snowpoint the day after.


29/9/10 – Wednesday, 11:55pm

 Oops. We should maybe not have done that. But it was fun. The Delcatty and the kittens did follow us. So now they ride in the panniers on Arcanine, for warmth. Modified again. Absol just has Brith and Vulpix riding now, although Vulpix keeps jumping down to see where the other Vulpix is. Yup, it’s still following us. And getting closer.

 Oh, the thing we shouldn’t have done. Well, we were riding along the side of Mt. Coronet – Joanna’s mam has a rapidash called Ginger, it is very fast – when we went passed Anna. Who was, for some reason, counting rocks. Needless to say, we shot passed, dislodged some rocks and yelled out to her. She called back, saw what we’d done to the rocks she’d already counted and started yelling. And then, I think, lost count of where she was. I was laughing so hard, I almost fell from Arcanine’s back. It probably didn’t help that some of the rocks she was counting were Geodude, Graveler and Golem, and they seemed to be moving when she wasn’t looking.

 We’re sleeping in the Mystic’s house because Joanna’s mam would accept no less. But there’s only one guest bed, so Joanna and me ended up on the floor with the pokémon. Which can be pretty comfortable, as long as you don’t get any of the heavier ones on top.


30/9/10 – Thursday, 9:35pm

 Well, that was explosive. Joanna and I are crashing with gran while her mam is actually in my house. The injustice of it! Actually, after the welcome I got, I’m not that fussed. I’m quite glad that Joanna thought of bringing her mam. She was very good at side-tracking mam from her little tirade against Joanna.

BlueJay's side, part114
 It looks different because I am now being lazy and using to keep the formatting, rather than going through it myself. It works.
 Quite a few entries this time ^^ Onwards to Snowpoint! Fun times all round, yep.

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Joanna's side: <da:thumb id="484922636">

 Still not sure I like the thumbnails when I don't ask for them :/
Heading to Snowpoint

After… oh, ages to get ready, we were finally on our way to Snowpoint.
It was quite nice in a way, flying above as my mother rode below us on her rapidash, Ginger.
My mother growing up was a failed battler; there was no other way to say it. She didn’t have the timing or the understanding to do it, and as far as I remembered, she had never won a battle in her life. However, her skills when it comes to horse riding were well known in Lavaridge, she excelled in it. So much so that Ginger was gifted to her from the stable family upon her departure from Lavaridge. A pure bred rapidash, built purely for speed and not much else. She was pretty weak, and slightly stupid. But it really didn’t matter. She was nothing more than a fiery blur below us, and even we above had some trouble keeping track of her sometimes. Fortunately the flames we easy to spot, even through the thick mists that hung over Celestic.
My mother insisted on taking regular breaks, though. To change her clothes as it got colder and colder up the mountain. And to make sure Ginger was well fed and watered. This slowed us down a little, although the skitty slowed us down a little bit more. They decided Sandgem wasn’t exciting enough for them, so were travelling underneath us on Arc in these rather adorable little saddlebags.
Oh and one of the kittens got a home. The one my mother fell in love with just wouldn’t leave her alone. And of course Jay was quite happy to have one less adorable but annoying ball of fluff on her hands. Especially one that was so claw-ful. Not that my mother minded, she had a way of charming the kitten into being all sweet instead.

We set off from Celestic, with me flying again, and Jay on Arc below. And I had to admit, as we got closer and closer to Snowpoint, I started feeling a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Even Jay annoying the hell out of Anna by scattering the mountain rocks wasn’t enough. I kept working out the worst case scenario in my head, and… well, my mother always said I had an overactive imagination. Ever since I had lied about tearing the curtains, saying that I had attempted to climb them to escape a phantom feraligatr.
So naturally, the worst case scenario was Jay’s mother transforming into an articuno witch, taking to the air and freezing me to the spot, screaming at me, and then freezing my insides forever for talking to her daughter. Like I was a forbidden lover or something.
There was a thought. Maybe her mum thought we were going out.
I mean, it was a strange thought but it might explain why she hated me so much.
Overactive imagination, like I said. I was imagining me serenading Jay under a balcony as we touched down in Snowpoint. I shook myself out of it and walked right over to my mother. Walked, stumbled, whatever.
“Hey, what do you think?”
“What do I think?” She smiled, fixing her fluffy white hat. “It’s wonderful isn’t it BlueJay?” She grinned, looking round at Jay. “I’ve always loved snow, but it’s only once a year in Twinleaf, and that’s on a good year.”
“I’m glad you like it.” Jay stopped checking the kittens and looked over to us. “If you like snow, Snowpoint is the place to be.”
“It is, I personally hate snow,” I mumbled, kicking a clump.
“Well you always were a little strange.”
“Damn right.” Jay smirked and then cackled along with my mother.
“Oh my gods, it’s just like school,” I snarled, “Right, let’s go meet the evil headmistress shall we?”
“That’s my mum you’re talking about,” Jay said, walking after me.
“I know exactly who I am talking about.” I grinned back. “Though my old headmistress was a bit of a bitch.”
“Sorry. Witch, she was a witch.” I rolled my eyes. “I was late once and she made me stand up in front of my class and give them a detailed description of why I was late.” I grinned. “Oh… by the end I was telling a tale where I was saving a baby dragon from the clutches of a princess.”
“I got a letter about that,” my mum said. “Frankly they were stifling you there Joanna sweetie.”
“I know right, it was horrific-“
Oh, there she was. Out of her hole, slithering towards us, eyes like thunder and a voice to match. I totally should have been a writer.
Jay’s mother stormed towards us. Well me, and Jay. Looking like she was going to throttle me.
“What is she doing here?”
“Well you said I could bring a friend,” Jay said. “Joanna is my friend.”
“You know that she isn’t welcome here,” she hissed. “You knew, so don’t try and make out like you didn’t.”
“If I may?” I asked, lifting a hand.
“No you may not!”
“Ok.” I nodded. “That’s fair.”
She turned her attention back to Jay, and Jay crossed her arms, preparing herself for an argument that never happened.
My mother slinked forward, smiling. Calming Jay’s mother like she was no more than a troublesome skitty showing its claws.
“Hello! You must be Jay’s mother.” She extended her hand. “Alicia Fyra, a pleasure to meet you.”
“Oh… well, Joy Nightingale, it’s a pleasure,” she replied, shaking my mother’s hand. “Jay, I still thin-“
“You know, Jay modelled for me?”
Jay’s mother blinked, not quite sure what to make for that. She glanced at my mother’s elegant apparel. “Are you into fashion?”
“Oh! No, I am a professional artist you see, she sat for me.”
“Yes, she was wonderful, beautiful painting, I’ll tell you more about it if you like, but first you must tell me all about Snowpoint culture, over a coffee maybe?”
“Well I’d be happy to.” Jay’s mother nodded, actually smiling back. “And your horse, would he like some food?”
“She, her name’s Ginger, beautiful creature isn’t she? I always thought that rapidash were…”
We didn’t hear the rest, she and my mother were heading towards the pokécentre, followed by Ginger.
I loomed round to Jay, my eyebrows raised. “Isn’t my mum amazing?” I laughed.
“She is,” Jay exhaled. “Come on, we’ll stay at my grans until we know my mother is properly distracted.”
Joanna's side, part122
or, you know, I could just ignore what I've said in any journal entry and update on a Saturday again. It has been a while. Woops.
 And now they're in Snowpoint. Apparently it is possible to sidetrack Jay's mum ^^;

previous: <da:thumb id="477809909">
BlueJay's side: <da:thumb id="485136417">
Also Long Time No Updates. Sorry about that.
 I find I'm not normally on a computer over the weekend, so I find it quite easy to skip updates. We can all agree I'm a terrible person, right?
 They might change to Fridays (Joanna's side) and Mondays (Jay's side) because that's when I upload my own stuff. Not that I've been that great with that, either, recently.
 So... oh, what else was there...
 Oh, minor changes to early JayToL - nothing really plot relevant (I think) but just that she's now been given a snowmobile for her 16th birthday rather than a bike from her grandparents, because it makes ever so much more sense in Snowpoint. Also the Vermilion bit where there's the altercation with Alyss and the ferry. I mean, 21st century and all, I doubt they have the Jonah superstition anymore. Something different instead! (Since it's kinda vague, I'm not sure how many people'll get what they're referring to, but tell me your guesses!) I've edited that stuff in, but not so it'll appear again in your inbox.

 I missed the anniversary of the start of ToL. Not that I know the exact date. But it's some time in August. Well... it's five years old, now. And it's grown considerably since then. It was never going to be this long. It was just going to be Sinnoh League, end of the Nyx's Minion's stuff (which we still haven't got to). Now it is so much longer (as can be seen more clearly on my own account, in pieces I've put up from later ToL).

 Anyway, I hope this finds you all well :) How are people?
 ~BlueJay out

 As ever, Commissions are open
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