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Heya, guys:wave: everything's put neatly into folders and not the main gallery in here, unless it's pictures. It's all ordered as well! Unlike my room... It's also more interesting to look at than my room in here as well.
So take a look, comment! we love a good comment:love:

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Toxic Waste Pokemon by TrainersofLegends
Toxic Waste Pokemon

Dr. Solosis: “These are truly pokémon that divide opinion. Trubbish and garbador are similar in biology to muk and grimer, and live in the same dirty, filth-ridden environments. They love to eat garbage, and are always a sure sight on Unovian landfill sights. They can be aggressive and defend their patches with corrosive acid.
 “Some believe these pokémon are beneficial, since they eat and seem to thrive on rubbish, which would otherwise rot or be burnt.
 “Others say they cause even more damage, belching out toxic fumes from the filth they devour.”

So I found one of these still hanging around...

 Here's that journal entry I said was coming.
 Sooner than I expected. Heyho

 But anyway.
 I haven't been great with updates around here because we were running to the end of what we have written of Joanna!ToL because of the great computer crash of whatever year that was. '10, I think. Maybe '11.
 Anyway, fact is we lost all of Joanna's stuff that was typed. A lot of it was printed, so we got that back easily enough. But stuff after that (coincidentally the birthday we're coming up to) went missing, which is annoying because I can remember reading it.
 Either way, it's gone and is slowly being rewritten. Will come back.
 So that's my main reason for updates being slow (if anyone cared to know a reason). The other one is just that I am a lazy sod who can't always be bothered to log into a different account to upload a thing barely anyone seems to read
 We shall persevere. That word doesn't look right.

 Another thing I'd quite like to share is that late last night (or early this morning, I wasn't really looking at the time) I finished writing Jay!ToL. It's taken... what, five years and four months-ish? to write ten or so years of Jay's life. It's been fun, if a little annoying at times. There are things I really wish I could change, but they're too inbuilt to the story to even bother trying.
 Still got a lot of the extras to write.
 And of course, there are another seven generations of story to go. I won't be running out of ToL for a very long time XD
 It's gonna be fun ^^

 Also, (because I am bored) I'm going to steal a thing from Tabh's journal and slot it in here because why not. It's pokemon.
 Pokemon preferences, I guess? There are the picture sheet things but hello I am no artist. But I've Tabh's answers here, and I'mma put in mine as well. See if you can guess whose is whose!

Male Rattata Sprite How can you not love rattata. Well, its stats suck, it's pretty much useless and is annoying as hell. But...what can I say. I think they are honestly adorable, and they would be perfect little shoulder pets. Also I love the simplicity of them as a design. It just... works
Uh... furret or zangoose. I can't really choose ^^; leaning towards zangoose more, though, I think. I was always a little annoyed that they were exclusive to Ruby (I got Sapphire). It doesn't help that Henry is verging on far-too-adorable-to-live (at least when he's young)

Samurott. Sword wielding otter. I can get over the awkward looking design, and after writing several into our fan-fiction all I can say is I wan't one. Now! 

greninja - Until there's a pirate pokemon, it's this one for me. I like the design, although the tongue-scarf-thing is a little bit weird. Something that is definitely going to be appearing more in ToL as soon as I can manage it

treeko - so cute, and by the way I draw them, they all seem to resemble Gummi from mlp.

gogoat - mostly thanks to 'nandi, my gogoat on X. I do like their design, and they're pretty good battlers

charizard - classic. There are few pokemon that can be as bad-ass as a charizard. 

arcanine - ok, but that wasn't even a question. As much as I love Vulp... it's definitely the firewolf mount for me.

bergmite - I don't know what you are, but I want you....

frosslass - I almost made this Jay's avatar, which about sums it up for me. Never actually had a chance to use one in battle, but their design is pretty damn cool (pun may or may not have been intended)

Camerupt - totem pokemon of Lavaridge and mega evolved they look even cuter and fwoofier

gliscor - admittedly, I think I love this one for its typing, even if it doesn't naturally learn ground moves (or at least it didn't fourth gen, I don't know if that's changed). But using dig and still not being affected by earthquake? yes please. Not the best of pokemon for flying around on (they look like they're good for gliding and that's about it) but a batlike thing is always good.

skarmory - Nice typing, cool looking and absolutley unique. I have a feeling they'll mega evolve it eventually but I really hope they don't.

lucario - I think Brith sold this one for me. Although the typing is a bit... eh with being weak to her own stuff, they're really good battlers (and Brith, ok. Just Brith.)

Solosis need I say more?
malamar/gallade - I couldn't really choose. I really like malamar's design and typing, although the evolving is weird. I wouldn't advise trying that in front of your family (admittedly, that could've just been the way I did it). Gallade... again, the typing. And the whole thing with the knight/princess roles of them and gardevoir. I tend to ignore female/male-only pokemon lines, so... we will have a female gallade (and male frosslass, I forgot to mention that up top)

hawlucha - I was so happy when I saw it for the first time. Luchador Werebudgie for the win!

hitmontop/mienshao - again, hard choice. Ss'trykn is a damnably good battler, and I love her moveset. But hitmontop are nice and off-kilter and I just really like them, ok.

mightyena - far more in the fan fiction of course, where they have just become wolves.

houndoom/liepard - almost went for mightyena as well, but then horned dog of hell... hmm yes. And  liepard. Might be slightly biased for Leiri's sake, but any leopard pokemon is fine by me. (and as much as I love Soise, liepard and houndoom are only in front because I looked at it objectively. The minute I bring personal preference, I think Soise would win outright)

Litwick/lampent/chandelure - I know that's three but dammit I can't choose between em

phantump/spiritomb - I just like pokemon that are created by spirits that possess something. The creepier the better :dummy: (also banette in that case, I like the stories of them and phantump being child and toy together.)

joltik. If you don't agree you are heartless

volcarona - I always said I was heartless. There's the proof XD But actually, you know, fire bug. I've always a soft spot for fire types, admittedly, and the design of this one is spectacular.

spritzee. I know I didn't have to go for a Kalosian one, but I do love em, just for how odd and adorable they look. Let us never speak of their evolution

whimsicott - they're just so very delightful. I liked them before they were fairy type, but it just sort of underlines their position as mischief makers for me.

Goodra. No question. Though it is tough since I love Garchomp and Tyrantrum aswell...sigh 

altaria - a bit of a hard one. I tend not to play with dragons because they take forever to find and then train up, but... altaria grew on me after I assigned it to Jay as avatar (yes that was a random thing) and then we made it work and I've actually battled with them now. I prefer Shinon's designs to the official stuff (and as far as I'm concerned, that mega can just leave).

archen. Just so dopey looking

kabutops. I like most of the fossil pokemon, to be fair, but kabutops is my absolute favourite. Nothing to do with the scythes for arms, I swear.

stunky - adorable little gasrats XD And I do like skuntank aswell, but their artwork pushes them back. I don't like their tails like that all the time. it's wierd.

toxicroak - hm... again, poison is one of my least used types. But in my platinum run (a sort of nuzlocke, mildly abandoned and now just trying to complete the damn game) I have one that pulled through pretty spectacularly, and I do like the design.

swablu - I think I nearly dropped my gameboy the first time I saw em, I was so happy!

talonflame - because birds of prey and fire (again XD) and really what more could you ask for. They're not really rideable birds (I think they're mostly too small), but that's not such a big deal. (I feel sorry for using mine and its offspring for hatching eggs, though XD)

Dedenne - especially in the anime. They are compact pikachu cutes XD

luxray - not so much of a hard choice. While I do like stunfisk, just... luxray. I think it could've done with more obvious changes between male and female, but it's still really good and Ray. Again, I might be biased. Jay's team and all ^^;

Giratina/Yvetal I cannot choose. I have a thing for darker legendaries so naturally I fell in love with these two. 

Mew/Meloetta - also can't particularly choose. I enjoy writing Mew in ToL, but Meloetta... I am a sucker for dancing. And, y'know, music. One of the pokemon I actually like the form changes of.

One I'd most like to have as a pet
In the end I don't want something flashy, something big, spitting flames. I think I'd just like a huge fluffy cat XD
Hmm... that's a difficult one. See, I would quite like a shoulder pokemon - maybe chatot, except it'd end up strangled - but then i'd also like something big. Like an arcanine. I'm more of a dog person (which is weird, considering Leiri, but hey ho). The heat would probably kill me, though, so... actually possibly a zoroark? Or a zorua, rather. Small enough. Yeah... zorua works for me.

And there you have it. Forty of our favourite pokemon ^^
 All of them turn up in ToL at some point, most likely.

 What are your favourites? Do tell, I'd love to hear


Commissions are open

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3/10/10 – Sunday, 8:45pm
Joanna and her mam left today. Her mam seemed to have genuinely enjoyed herself here. She went off on Ginger with one of the kittens, seeing as she wanted one. My mam saw her off cordially enough and then turned on me.
About Joanna, Vermilion... gave her a kitten, that seemed to smooth things over.
So I get to sleep in my own room tonight. I spent a while labelling all the used pokéballs and putting them on shelves in my room. In case I ever feel the need to use some of them again.
I don’t think things will ever be the same with my mam, but she might not blow off at me so easily about Joanna. As long as I keep what we’ve actually been doing under wraps. Somehow I don’t think she’d want to hear about what we get up to really…

4/10/10 – Monday, 9:50pm
Went to the temple today. Absol was there, with the elder and Riku. He’s left me for the temple now. I was expecting something like that, so it’s not that hard. And it’s not as bad as it could have been. He could have just disappeared back to the legendaries, and I’d have never seen him again. But now it’s just worrying that he does stay. Maybe our trouble isn’t over yet. Just for the moment.
The elder was also worried that Brith hadn’t evolved. Apparently, the later they evolve, the weaker they are. So I think he’s maybe doubting my ability as a trainer or something. I don’t think he saw the everstone around her waist, actually. I think I’m gonna take it off her – I’d rather she evolved if she wanted to rather than I keep her in a form I want her to keep.
Anyway, Brith’s never been in a battle – one that I’ve orchestrated, anyway – and never shows any inclination to want to be in one. She does step up to defend me, even if it’s not from pokémon. More likely, actually, if it’s not from pokémon.
Riku doesn’t seem to mind about her not evolving, but treats her like his younger sister and looks after her.
And I finally wrapped Joanna’s present. That took me a while. I was still gazing in awe at it for ages before I moved anyway. Couldn’t believe I’d found one going so cheap, let alone even for sale. It’s a treasure of Sinnoh, they’re really incredibly rare – only ten were made like this, and this type were the most common – and it was being sold as a tacky piece of rubbish at a bazaar in Fall City. Well, almost. It was still cheaper than it ought to have been, if they were ever sold. I don’t think they were. Still, I’m not complaining.
It’s a ring, an heirloom of the champions of Sinnoh if you like. Part of a set of 12 I think. The most important were of the legendaries – first Dialga, Palkia and Arceus, then Giratina and then Cresselia and Darkrai. There is only one for each of the legendaries, left in a shrine for them. Dialga’s and Palkia’s are in the Celestic shrine, before the carvings of them. Arceus’ is in Mt. Coronet, but I’m not really sure. I’ve never seen it there, but it’s the only place I can think of that it might be. I think Giratina’s is with it – maybe Stark Mountain? – But Cresselia’s and Darkrai’s are on their islands. The next most important three are Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit. Theirs are in their cave-shrines or temples, like in Snowpoint. All of these there were only one of – that’s why they’re rare – and they’re never moved unless it’s for a ritual or something I think.
But this one I found, while rare, has others like it. It’s a Starter Ring, given to trainers on completion of the League, but that’s been long since stopped. Maybe ran out of whatever they’re made of, or the way to make them was forgotten. Either way, they’ve stopped and the rings are all but forgotten, told of only in the histories and traditions that linger on.
The Starter Rings depict Infernape, Empoleon or Torterra. I think the one they gave to the trainer who beat the Elite Four was the one of their starter. Fittingly enough, this one was Empoleon, the head at the bottom inset with a blue jewel, exhaling a stream of snow and ice in a long intricate design that ended in a point tipped with a light-coloured, sharp-edged jewel. Infernape start with a red gem, Torterra with a green. But it’s always a light-coloured one at the end.
And seriously, these rings are a work of genius. There are two bands, made of a thin black metal that looks like wire but is much stronger. One ring sits on the base of your finger, the other past the first knuckle. The design of it is just so that there is a hinge over the knuckle, so it can bend with your finger. Alternatively, there’s a groove behind the design so the rings can slide back so it’s not held on over the joint, or the design can rest over the hand rather than the finger.
BlueJay's side, part116
 Oh look, we're here again.
 Fun times all round.
 You know, I'd forgotten about the starter rings. They're quite fun.

Heading Home Again

 I hugged Jay once more and finally stepped away towards Flare. “See you in a short while then. You better get me a good present Jay.”

 “Alright fine, I’ll see what I can do.” She laughed, waving. “Bye Mrs Fyra.”

 “Oh bye sweetie.” My mother smiled, waving from Ginger’s back. “It was wonderful! I hope I can come back soon, the scenery and the culture is just so incredible! I mean it is awfully cold–”

 “Mum let’s go, I’m freezing my fingers off,” I moaned, pressing my hands against Flare’s back. “And I’m bored.”

 “Oh, alright then.” She smiled once more. “ Right, let’s go Ginger!”

 The horse reared and let out a jet of flames before galloping away, the snow turning to steam as it hit her back. I smiled as well, pulling my goggles down so the snow wouldn’t blind me. Flare took off into the sky, flying low around the Snowfields so I could keep pace with my mother.


 The Snowfields passed without much bother, and we made good time – managing to make it to Celestic before sundown, where we stopped at a rest house. One of the cosy ones, run by a little old witchy looking woman. Which… seemed to be most of the population of Celestic.

 “Cute little thing,” my mother cooed, putting the skitty on the bed.

 It curled up on her pillow.

 “Yes, you get nice and comfy.”

 “Will he get on with the other pokémon ok?” I asked, checking my pokéballs. “You know how cats can sometimes be.”

 “Oh I’m sure he’ll be just fine, there’s just Rose and Narcissus really, and they are ok.”

 “Are you kidding?” I looked up. “Narcissus is a total bitch.”

 “Language…” she sighed. “Oh I’m sure it’ll work. Your father can help me. Memphis is quite good at sorting out unruly pokémon, after all.”

 I nodded, lying on the bed. Venus leapt up next to me, laying her head on my stomach. I leant back to look at my mother. She had taken her boring mum book out, if I didn’t ask her quick she’d be non-responsive for the whole evening.

 “Mum, about my birthday, Jay can come round can’t she?”

 “What? Oh of course sweetie, and Walker.” She grinned. “You are a big girl, you can organise everything yourself right? I think there might be a conference I must attend anyway.”

 “A conference? On my birthday?”

 She blinked. “Oh sweetie… I thought you’d prefer me not to be there.” She looked genuinely worried.

 I wasn’t really bothered. I knew she cared about me, but it was true. I never really like the organised parties she held when I was a kid. I liked the afterwards, where it was just relaxing on the beach with my friends. I didn’t like order, it felt so forced. And you couldn’t force fun.

 “I’ll… I’ll get you a big cake? How about that! And anything you like.” She smiled, trying hard. “I’m sorry…”

 “Mum don’t, it’s fine.” I grinned. “I’ve got my friends coming round, and we can have a beach party, it’ll be great.”

 “I’ll get you something nice.” She smiled back at me, reaching across to my bed to pat my head… like I was a dog or something. “You’re a good girl.”

 “Thanks mum, do I get a treat?”


 “Never mind, thanks.” I giggled, rolling onto my back. “I just hope all my friends could make it.”

 I took out my C-gear, and first called Walker. He was ok with the plans, since he was usually stuck in Sandgem. I knew that wouldn’t be a problem. But Alex was going to be a different matter, it was such a long way away. I sighed, waiting until my mum was engrossed in her book before dialling the number.

 “Hello, Fyra house, this is Alex speaking.”

 “You sound so posh…” I chortled.

 “Oh hey! Where are you? In Snowpoint?” he asked, his voice becoming normal and calm again.

 “Nah, just left really, we are in Celestic, you’d love it. Full of psychic weirdoes.”

 “Oh is that all you think of me?” He laughed. “At least you told me, even though it was over the phone.”

 “I’m truthful at least.” I giggled. “Ok, so the reason I called is to let you know I’ll be staying here in Sinnoh for my birthday.”


 “Sorry… we can have a party when I get back, it’s just because Hoenn is so far.”

 “A party for no reason?”

 “In Lavaridge it’s no big deal,” I said, “But it’s just in case there are presents, you can either send em or save em if you want to save on postage.”

 “Sure, that’s fine,” he replied. “Sorry to miss your party.”

 “It’s my fault, I’ll get us a big cake back in Lavaridge, how about that?”

 “Yeah that sounds good. It’s no big deal.”

 I shouldn’t have worried about Alex taking it bad. This was Alex after all. I could have rung up and told him I was having a party at Lake Valor, five star spa treatment with all my friends except him and he probably wouldn’t mind. I should really teach him to have a  little more fire.

Though such a kind person was rare to find, I shouldn’t really tamper…

Joanna's side, part124
 eh... it's only been...
 Sorry about that ^^
 I imagine there should be a journal in a few days, but basically we ran out of chapters and now we've got a few and I actually remembered to update, so here we are!
 Leaving Snowpoint.

1/10/10 – Friday, 7:30pm

 We braved mam’s wrath to enter the pokémon centre so I could get my pokémon and release them. She more or less ignored us, apart from a few chilly glances. I didn’t go far to release them, but they all went any which way as soon as I told them they were free to go. A few of them stuck around here – Pie for one, and Sneasel, because he was from here anyway. Star and Gyar have also stuck around, as has Hoothoot. Gyarados is now in the lake with my other fish pokémon – well, some are in the harbour as well – and Star and Hoothoot fly around together. I think my Graveler has gone down to Mt. Coronet, to mess up Anna’s counting even more. Fun.

 I haven’t seen Absol since we got here, either. It’s not worrying me much, but I want to know where he is. Or maybe he’s beginning to leave me…

 Also saw Candice today. Some of the trainers had challenged her, a few had got badges and a few had joined her classes after she beat them. We sat in on a few, but didn’t contribute. We removed ourselves to the lakeside and played with fire instead. My water control still isn’t as great as the fire, but I’m hoping that means I’ll meet more legendaries… Articuno, Suicune or Kyogre. I hope. But I think it’s doubtful that I’ll ever meet Suicune now. She saw what happened at the temple in Fiore. Even my gran commented that I look older now. And I seem darker, more moody. To other people at least.

 And thankfully my sister liked her present. I’m so glad… I wasn’t sure about that one, but it’s all good. Good it got here in one piece, I was scared it would break.

BlueJay's side, part115

So, less pokemon for Jay :dummy:
 Not much else, really.

Previous: trainersoflegends.deviantart.c…

Joanna’s side: trainersoflegends.deviantart.c…



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